Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of the Site badpolygon.ru

These Rules are binding on all Users of the site badpolygon.ru.

By visiting, registering, logging in, using the site badpolygon.ru, using any of the services provided on badpolygon.ru, you thereby express your unconditional consent to these Rules, as well as to the regulations, terms, and conditions of use of individual services or services, a link to which on the site badpolygon.ru means that they are an integral part of this document, and also undertake to comply with these Terms of use of the site badpolygon.ru.

1. Basic concepts and definitions

Site - a set of web pages located on the Internet, united by a single theme, design, and a single address space of the badpolygon.ru domain.

Partner sites - websites located on the Internet, united by a single information and address space, attracted for the purpose of providing an expanded range of services.

Site User (User) - any person accessing the Site via the Internet.

Employer - Site User who posts Projects / Vacancies on the Site.

Freelancer - a Site User who posts his Services, as well as performs these Services and any projects posted by the Employer.

Site Administration (Administration) - persons authorized by the Site Owner to manage the Site and other actions related to its use. The Site Administration acts on behalf of the Site Owner unless otherwise specified separately.

Dashboard - a section of the Site available to the User after registration, through which the User manages his account (account, portfolio), the placement of projects, services, vacancies, information, sending and receiving personal messages, and other actions related to the use of the Site.

Project - any task / project that the Employer can mark up on the Site. In addition to the name, description, cost, the Project may also include (images, attached documents, files no more than 5 MB), FAQ, etc. Projects that do not go beyond the Site and correspond to the description of any of the acceptable Categories are allowed for publication.

Service - can only be posted by a User who has registered as a Freelancer. The provision of services by a Freelancer is possible only within the scope of the Site and the allowed categories.

Addons Services - created by the user himself in the Dashboard and cannot be placed offline. Attached only to the main Service.

Inbox - electronic messages transmitted by one User to another and not available to third parties, the sending and receiving of which is carried out using the User's personal account. The Site Administration reserves the right to view the personal messages of the Users, for the sake of the Site's security, resolving disputes, as well as preventing fraud.

Notifications — are service messages of the Site for the User. There are both systemic and special ones.

Withdraw - the current balance of the Freelancer in US dollars, available for withdrawal in a convenient way from those listed for the Freelancer.

Pending balance - the amount of funds in US dollars transferred by the Employer for a specific Project or Service to a frozen deposit. The possibility of withdrawing these funds is available to the Freelancer only after the positive completion of the Project or Service and confirmation by the Employer of the delivery of the work by the Freelancer.

Identity verification - this definition applies only to Users who have registered on the Site as a Freelancer. A mandatory procedure within the Site that gives the Freelancer the right to make project proposals and post their Services.

Profile Picture - is a graphical representation of a user that is loaded into the user's profile.

Banner - is a graphic image in the header of the user's profile.

2. General provisions

2.1. The site badpolygon.ru is an online space where registered Users, in accordance with these Rules, as well as agreements separately prescribed on the Site, which are an integral part of these Rules, can:

Post projects/services in your profile

Post User information in designated advertising spaces

Post portfolio, resume

Respond to published projects and services

Choose a performer

Work on project execution

Conduct and take part in contests

Conduct private dialogues

Use other services of the Site

2.2. The site badpolygon.ru functions for informational purposes, providing users with a workspace for placing and executing Projects and Services and is not a participant, intermediary, and guarantor of transactions between Users. The site administration does not guarantee the quality and legality of the User's services, the authorship of the works posted in the User's portfolio, the level of his qualifications to perform any work, and also does not guarantee that the Employer and/or Freelancer can and will actually work on the proposed project. The site badpolygon.ru does not guarantee payment to the Freelancer upon timely delivery of work to the Employer, since all transactions between Users take place outside the Site. Also, in the event of a dispute or the cancellation of a Project/Service by the User, the Site does not guarantee a refund to the Employer.

2.2.1. The site badpolygon.ru, as well as the Site Administration, does not charge a monthly fee for using the site, nor does it charge a percentage or a fixed fee for transactions between users.

2.3. The site badpolygon.ru does not conduct special checks on the information that Users indicate about themselves during registration, as well as information posted by Users in their profile, portfolio, and attached files.

2.4. The user uses the Site at his own discretion, independently assessing the possible risks from its use, and agrees that the Site provides services "as is." The Site Owner and the Site Administration do not guarantee that the Site in any way meets the requirements and expectations of the User, and are not responsible for the consequences that may occur as a result of using the Site.

2.5. The rules are drawn up by the Site Administration and can be changed or supplemented at any time without prior notice to the Site Users. Changes come into force from the moment they are published on the website badpolygon.ru. By using badpolygon.ru after the publication of any changes made to these Rules, you hereby agree to be bound by the requirements contained in these changes. In this regard, it is important to regularly review these Rules in order to constantly be aware of any changes made to them.

2.6. All messages on the Site reflect the views of their authors, and not the Site Administration badpolygon.ru, with the exception of messages posted by its representatives.

3. Registration and Identity Verification

3.1. To be able to use the services and services of the Site, the User must complete the registration procedure, as a result of which a unique account will be created.

3.2. When registering on the Site, the User indicates:

3.2.1. Selected username and password. The login should not mislead other Site Users (for example, Administrator, Moderator logins, other logins similar to them in meaning, logins using abbreviations of these words, etc.). It is also prohibited to use as logins or "display names" words/phrases that violate the norms of decency and morality, carry advertisements of sites, contain profanity, may mislead other participants. Accounts of Users who violate this clause of the Rules are blocked by the Site Administration without prior notice.

3.2.2. A valid email address to which an email with a registration confirmation code will be sent.

3.2.3. A valid phone number in international format.

3.2.4. Once, without the possibility of changing in the future, decide on the choice of your direction of work on the Site badpolygon.ru as either a Freelancer or an Employer.

3.2.5. The Avatar uploaded to the personal profile account must match the photo on the user's identity document. It is forbidden to use as Avatars, logos, images of nature, animals, and other images that do not correspond to the user's appearance. Accounts using such images will be blocked and deleted by the Site Administration.

3.3. By registering on the Site, the User guarantees that he has already turned 18 years old.

3.4. When registering on the Site, the User agrees to provide true and accurate information about himself and to keep this information up to date. If you provide deliberately incorrect/incomplete information, the Site Administration has the right to suspend or cancel your registration.

3.5. Multiple registrations by one User are prohibited on the Site. If multiple registration accounts are identified, the Site Administration has the right to suspend registration or block the User's access to the Site without prior notice.

3.6. Registered Users are provided with a Basic account that allows them to work with their personal account, post works, portfolios, files, projects, awards, and certificates, links to personal and/or corporate social networks, only in specially designated fields.

3.7. Users who have registered on the Site as a Freelancer are required to verify their identity, in accordance with the rules of the Site. The user confirming his identity on the Site consents to the processing of personal data, on the basis of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of July 27, 2006, 152-FZ (as amended on July 2, 2021) "On Personal Data". Users who have not verified their identity according to the instructions in the User Control Panel will not be able to:

create a portfolio;

take part in projects;

post your services;

3.7.1. The account of the User who has not verified his identity within 7 days from the date of registration can be deleted by the Site Administration.

4. Rights and obligations of the Administration

4.1. The Site Administration carries out the current management of the Site, determines the composition of the Site's services, its structure and appearance, allows and restricts access to the Site, and exercises other rights belonging to it.

4.2. The Site Administration resolves issues related to the commercial use of the Site, in particular, questions about the possibility of placing advertisements on the Site, participation in affiliate programs, etc.

4.3. In case of violation by the User of these Rules, the Administration has the right to temporarily suspend or block for an indefinite period of time the User's access to the Site or its individual services without warning, and in case of repeated or gross violation of the provisions of the Rules, delete the User's account. Blocking the User's account by the Site Administration does not entitle him to register a new account on the Site.

4.4. The Administration is not responsible for the information posted by the User on the Site, however, the Site Administration has the right to edit, delete and block any messages, works, reviews, and other materials posted by Users on the Site, in the event that, following a complaint from other Users or during moderation, these materials will be considered to be contrary to these Rules.

4.5. The Site Administration has the right to require any registered User to confirm his registration data and other information posted on the Site. Until the User provides the required data, the Site Administration has the right to block the User's account.

4.6. The Administration does not consider and resolve disputes and conflict situations arising between Users outside projects/works, however, it reserves the right to block the User's access to the Site in case of receiving motivated complaints from other Users about the incorrect behavior of this User on the Site.

4.7. The Site Administration has the right to analyze the User's information in order to comply with the clauses of these Rules, norms, and regulations of the Site, including to identify and prevent violations, analyze complaints received, prevent cases of deception, take measures to prevent violations in the future, ensure the safety of the Site and its operation Users within the Site, protection of the rights of the Site and its Users.

4.8. In the event that the User of the Site does not use his account for 36 (thirty-six) consecutive months, the Site Administration has the right to delete such an account from the Site without additional notice without the possibility of restoring the data loaded in it and the information posted therein.

5. Rights and obligations of the User

5.1. The user undertakes to keep his login and password secret. The User is solely responsible for the confidentiality and safety of his login and password, and for possible losses that may arise in the event of unauthorized access by a third party to the User's account.

5.2. The user is obliged to immediately inform the Site Administration about cases of violation of the security of his account. The site is not responsible for any damage caused to you as a result of unauthorized use of your account by third parties.

5.3. The User has the right to post on the Site information about himself, his work in the portfolio, evaluate and comment on the work of other Users, create new projects and vacancies, use the existing services and services of the Site in accordance with these Rules and regulations posted on the Site.

5.4. badpolygon.ru is not obliged to back up the information posted by the User. The user is solely responsible for creating backup copies of his materials posted by him on the Site.

5.5. The user understands and agrees that the information published by him in the public domain (in the profile, projects, announcements, job descriptions, etc.) can be indexed by search engines and, possibly, will be available to Internet users even after it is removed from the Site badpolygon.ru.

5.6. The user is solely responsible for any actions related to the use of the Site badpolygon.ru, including for the materials that he posts, for his behavior on the Site, for the fulfillment of obligations undertaken to other Users, etc.

5.7. The user is solely responsible for any materials that he posts on the Site. badpolygon.ru is not responsible for the information posted by the User but reserves the right to delete without explanation any information that, at its discretion, recognizes as violating these Rules.

5.8. The user agrees that it is prohibited to post on the Site:

5.8.1. Personal or corporate, direct contacts, namely: phone number, email address, location or registration address, links to social networks (except for the fields provided for this), personal or corporate web pages or web resources in public fields of the questionnaire, work, project, service, etc. Publicly available fields are fields such as "Description", "Name" (project / service / work / additional service, etc.), "Slogan", etc. In case of violation of this rule, the Site Administration has the right to block the User's account without any compensation.

5.8.2. Images/avatars containing scenes of violence, threats, profanity, pornography, discrimination, advertising.

5.8.3. Materials, messages, links to resources that directly or indirectly violate the legislation of the Russian Federation, contradict universal and moral norms, propagandize violence, discrimination in any form, containing profanity, pornography, threats, and calls for illegal actions, unauthorized advertising.

5.8.4. Portfolio works that are someone else's intellectual property (plagiarism). Individuals or organizations that improperly use the work posted in their portfolio are responsible for unauthorized copying and use of this work.

5.8.5. Deliberately false information, slander.

5.8.6. Advertising, except for the cases provided for in the "Regulations on advertising on the site."

5.8.7. Spam messages, including those containing offers to site visitors to participate in various "pyramids", network marketing projects, offers of various ways to make money on the Internet, etc. with a direct or indirect indication of companies, persons, or groups of persons (their resources (URL), location addresses, phone numbers, contacts) engaged in this activity. For violation of this rule, the registration of the User may be suspended or deleted by the Administration without warning.

5.8.8. Messages containing viruses and other malicious programs, serial numbers for commercial software products and programs for their generation, logins, passwords, and other means for obtaining unauthorized access to paid resources on the Internet, as well as links to the above information.

5.8.9. Insults and obscene expressions (as well as abbreviations of these expressions and replacement of some letters in them), including in relation to the person, national, racial, religious, the political affiliation of a person or groups of persons.

5.8.10. Announcements of services and responses to projects that violate or are aimed at violating the legislation of the Russian Federation, the rules, norms, and regulations of the site badpolygon.ru.

5.9. If the User violates the specified requirements for posting materials on the Site, the account may be blocked without prior warning.

5.10. It is forbidden to use robots, programs, third-party Internet services, or other means of automatically sending standard messages when responding to projects.

5.11. Freelancers are prohibited from dumping when discussing a project, i.e. offer the Customer to perform the proposed work for an amount lower than that determined by the customer in the project budget. For violation of this paragraph of the Rules, the user account may be blocked, and his proposal removed without prior warning.

5.12. The User agrees not to take actions that, in the opinion of the Site Administration, create an excessively high load on the Site and make it difficult for other Users to access the Site, not to attempt to disrupt the normal operation of the Site and not to take action to bypass the established restrictions on access to the Site.

6. Post of projects

6.1. The user agrees to post projects on the Site only in accordance with the following paragraphs of the rules for posting projects.

6.2. Any user registered on the Site who has registered as an Employer can post a project. Any user registered on the Site who has registered as a Freelancer in accordance with the possible restrictions that are imposed by the current User account can send their proposals in response to a posted project.

6.3. Projects are intended only for publication by Employers of remote work offers for Freelancers.

6.3.1. Projects are placed only in the appropriate section of the Site "Project Management", in the subsection "Place a project".

6.3.2. It is recommended to fill in all fields of the project publication form.

6.3.3. "Prices" field. Prices are quoted in US dollars. You can specify both the range of "Fixed payment" and "Hourly project", but with the completion of an additional field - the amount of payment per hour.

6.3.4. In the event that a phased payment is required for the project, enable the slider in the corresponding field.

 7. Services and Addons Services

7.1. The User agrees to post the Services on the Site only in accordance with the following paragraphs of the rules for posting services.

7.2. Any Freelancer registered on the Site can post the Service. Only an Employer registered on the Site can send suggestions in response to the posted Service.

7.3. Services and Additional Services are intended to perform any individual services related to graphic design, printing, printing, advertising banners/signs and can be performed both remotely and at the customer's site.

7.4. Services and Additional Services are placed only in the appropriate section of the Site "Service Management". Services are placed in the "Place a service" subsection, additional services are placed in the "Additional services" subsection.

7.5. The service name must explicitly contain the service name. It is not allowed to indicate unnecessary information in the title: names of cities, professional branches, names of contact persons, and other information.

7.6. In the "Additional services" field, create and specify an additional service to the main Service, for example. (assembly, installation, adjustment, etc.). The additional service will be automatically created and in the future will always be displayed in the subsection “Additional services”. The information should be clearly structured and include the necessary additional information.

7.7. Placement in the text, description of the company, links to other sites, and advertising of third-party resources are not allowed.

7.8. The section "Service FAQ" is intended only for compiling a list of frequently asked questions and answers concerning this particular service and the additional service to it. It is forbidden, both in questions and in answers, to indicate a description of the company, links to other sites, and advertising of third-party resources.

8. Rules for the placement of Projects, Services, and Portfolio

8.1. The user agrees that in the sections "Manage Portfolios", "Manage Projects", "Manage Services" of the Site, it is prohibited to post:

8.1.1. Spam projects, Services, Additional Services, and Portfolios containing any invitations, discussions, mention of network marketing, pyramid schemes, referral systems, offers of various ways to make money on the Internet, etc.

8.1.2. Projects, Services, Additional Services, and Portfolios containing viruses and other malicious programs aimed at obtaining unauthorized access to resources, accounts, and other information closed from public access.

8.1.3. Projects, Services, Additional Services, and Portfolios that advertise or offer their services that are not related to the subject of the Site.

8.1.4. Projects, Services, Additional Services, and Portfolio for the purpose of selling goods or services that are not related to the subject of the Site.

8.1.5. Projects, Services, or Additional services, as a result of which various types of damage may be caused to third parties, organizations, or resources on the Internet.

8.1.6. Projects, Services, or Additional Services, the execution of which Internet users may be misled.

8.1.7. A similar (one-type) project, service, or additional service many times during the week.

8.1.8. Projects, Services, Ancillary Services, or Portfolios that contain pornography and involve engaging in pornographic activities.

8.1.9. Projects, Services, Additional Services, or Portfolio, with a request/requirements to contact the customer outside the badpolygon.ru resource.

8.1.10. Projects, Services, Additional Services, or Portfolios containing profanity, rudeness, rudeness towards users of the Site.

8.1.11. Projects, Services, Additional services for reprinting, typing, entering texts, inviting PC operators to such and similar remote work.

8.1.12. Projects, Services, Additional services with discriminatory restrictions (for example nationality, race, skin color, attitude to religion, beliefs of belonging or not belonging to public associations)

8.1.13. Projects, Services, Additional services that have nothing to do and have nothing to do with any of the items from the sections of the Categories.

8.2. An employer publishing a project that assumes that a test task is performed by freelancers must place the test task in the project and indicate the procedure for checking and paying for it. The test task should be the same for all freelancers, without exception.

8.3. If the User violates the specified rules for publishing projects, services, additional services, and portfolios, the Site Administration has the right to delete the violating project, service, additional service, or portfolio, or block the User's account without prior warning.

9. Reviews and ratings

9.1. Feedback and assessment to the Freelancer can be left by the Employer only if the work was carried out within the Site in the workspace. If the work was carried out outside the scope of the Site, then you cannot leave a review and rating.

9.2. The author of the review has the right to delete his review only within 72 hours from the date of writing by contacting the Site Administrator by e-mail. You cannot delete or edit a review or rating yourself. After the specified period, the review and rating are not deleted according to the rules of the Site.

9.3. Reviews of blocked and deleted Users are not displayed in the profile.

9.4. It is forbidden to create false workspaces in order to cheat reviews.

9.5. When contacting the Site Administration regarding the negative feedback left to you, you acknowledge and agree that when considering the review, we do not take into account the correspondence (its text files, screenshots, etc.) or file exchange that occurred between the parties to the project outside the framework of the work area, namely, using various systems of instant messaging, e-mail, personal messages and other means of communication. By contacting the Site Administration for reviewing the review, the parties undertake to agree with its opinion.

9.6. The Site Administration has the right to make adjustments to the feedback left or to remove such feedback if its content contradicts the content of the workspace for which it was left, as well as violate the Rules.

9.7. Positive feedback on the work area, in which there are no materials/files/links, etc., confirming the actual performance of the work can be removed from the profile of both the customer of such an area and the contractor. In this case, the accounts of the customer and the contractor of such an area may be blocked.

9.8. The Site Administration has the right to leave a corresponding entry in the User's profile or suspend/terminate the User's account if, according to the complaint received or at our discretion, we have reason to believe that the reviews are not true or the work performed (not completed) in the work area, and also aim to create a false impression about the User, as a customer or performer of work.

10. Dispute

10.1. The dispute is resolved between the parties independently, outside the Site and the Administration does not bear any responsibility for the final resolution of the disputed situation.

11. Regulation on advertising on the Site

This provision was developed to clarify issues related to the placement of advertising on the Site and is an integral part of these Rules.

11.1. Any advertising on the site is discussed individually adv@badpolygon.ru. The conscientiousness and reliability of advertising are determined in accordance with the Federal Law "On Advertising".

11.2. Advertising classification:

11.2.1. Official advertisement.
An official advertisement is considered to be any advertisement paid in accordance with the existing rates and placed in specially designated places.

11.2.2. Informal advertising.
Unofficial advertising is considered to be linked to pages and sites outside the badpolygon.ru domain, located

in images displayed as an Avatar (userpic);

in the signature and the text of responses to projects, if the links are not a demonstration of examples of work performed.

11.3. Advertising is not:

messages from customers, where a link to a third-party site illustrates the terms of reference (necessary to visually demonstrate the wishes of the organizer).

11.4. Each incoming complaint regarding unauthorized advertising is considered individually and the decision is made by the Site Administration.

12. Final provisions

12.1. By registering, authorizing, using the Site and its services, the User acknowledges that he has read, understood, and agreed with these Rules and guarantees their observance.

12.2. Ignorance of these Terms of Use of the site badpolygon.ru does not release Users from liability for their failure to comply.

12.3. If the User does not agree with any of the clauses of these Rules, then he must immediately leave the Site and stop using its services.

12.4. In the event of violations by the User of these Rules and other conditions applicable to the services of the site, the Site Administration has the right to:

12.4.1. Contact the User with a request to remove any materials posted by him.

12.4.2. Delete any materials and messages posted on the Site by the User.

12.4.3. Delete any job or vacancy posted on the Site.

12.4.4. Delete any reviews and claims in the User's profile.

12.4.5. Leave an appropriate review in the User's profile, the content of which reflects a violation by the User of these Rules.

12.4.6. Reduce the value of the User's business activity index.

12.4.7. Partially or completely block the User's account without prior notice.

12.5. Requests about the possibility of unblocking the User's account are considered individually upon the request of the owner of the account to the Site Administration by creating a request in the free form indicating the appropriate subject of the request. You can create a request here.